StoryPal Review

StoryPal Review & Overview

  • Creator: Able Chika
  • Product: StoryPal
  • Date Of Launch : 2019-Dec-11
  • Time Of Launch : 10:00 EST
  • FE Price: $37 – $67
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  • Niche: General
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Introducing StoryPal

Why you should be using stories in your business

Everywhere you turn online, you see ‘Stories’…

In the past couple of years, ‘Stories’ have become hugely popular on social platforms like FB, Snapchat, Whatsapp and Instagram…

…and if you are like most people, one of the first things you do when you sign-on to social media in the morning is to take a look at the new stories from everyone that you follow…

Here is why you should be using stories in your online business…

Stories are ultra-engaging & work so well because people’s attention spans are getting shorter & shorter…

Most people don’t have time to read an entire article or watch all of a video, so Stories are perfect for grabbing people’s attention and getting them to take action…

It’s a fast & easy way to create hard-hitting content that people want to see

Stories are great for showcasing a special offer or a new product or service

It’s much easier to create an attention-getting story than it is to create a video or to write an entire article (and stories are FAR more effective)

Stories can easily go viral getting you tons of FREE traffic

Stories are a great way to engage your social audience and get them to take action…

What if you could take stories beyond social media and share them across the entire web?

The good news is…

You can!

There’s a brand new software tool called StoryPal that makes it easy to get BIG RESULTS with Google AMP web stories without needing any technical skills…

If you are new to web stories or you don’t know what I’m talking about and you like the idea of taking a big shortcut to success, click the link now

This new software tool is like nothing you’ve ever seen and makes it super easy to boost engagement, get viral traffic, and make more money with a few clicks of your mouse…

Click the link now to watch a video of this brand new software in action…

What Is StoryPal?

StoryPal is a visual storytelling SaaS software for the open web, that expanded the new Google AMP Stories Technology – which provides content publishers with a mobile-focused format for delivering news & info as visually rich, tap-through stories.

In the last couple of years, “Stories” has become wildly popular on Snapchat & Instagram, so much so that FB declared it will focus more on Stories than the news feed. Even as Stories rose in popularity to become the most sought-after format, it had remained locked in the walled gardens of social media apps. But now the format has become available for the open Web, thanks to AMP Stories, an initiative by Google. Now even you can easily publish Instagram-like Stories on your own site – Powered By StoryPal!

Web stories score high on web performance as well as user engagement metrics & prove to be a futuristic content format that is set to rule the web.

StoryPal Review – Features & Benefits

Professional – Fast & Easy Editor

The StoryPal Story Editor offers the perfect set of easy to use features to get started into this vertical world with professional stories in a few minutes. Drag And drop makes creating your stories a bliss and even newbies can quickly publish compelling stories.

Multichannel Stories. All in one tool

Publish fully validated AMP stories & deliver them through a global CDN with 1 click. You can also use the built-in conversion technology to power your stories.

Connect Your Domain – Hosting Done For You

StoryPal users can connect their custom sites, blogs or subdomains and create custom stories with their own domain. They can also insert their custom favicon. All stories are hosted & secured for Free

Premium Templates

Story Editor comes with a variety of pre-built templates so you can achieve stunning results in a few seconds. You can also create your own easily.

Standalone Story Blogs

StoryPal empowers you to create awesome content in the visually engaging AMP Stories format. They give you the tools & technology to start an AMP Stories blog & provide you with an easy way to earn from it.

Rich Media Library

Library of millions of visually rich & immersible images, gifs, videos, icons, illustrators, vectors and you can also upload from your resource & computer.

Connect To Live Camera

Easily connect to your computer camera or device to create live stories.

Shareable Story Bookend

Let your viewers share your stories to their choice platforms such as FB, Email, Twitter, Whatsapp, SMS, Tumblr, Pinterest, Linkedin.

Insert Call To Actions (CTAs)

Promote any link, affiliate or sites. Get your story viewers redirected to any of your choice links

Offline-to-Online Experience

By scanning a QR code built into the app, you’re sent to the AMP Stories and receive additional info about the product in the format of a story. You can then start an immersive product experience from your phone or any device.

Embed Stories On Your Site

Don’t have a site? No problem – you can easily create stories from their site and generate a shareable URL for your stories.

Your site visitors can now immerse your stories while on your site. As they know people now consume more stories than articles, why not provide them with the story format of your articles too?

Different Story Creation Format

Create stories from scratch fast, create unique stories from any site URL, blog posts in a few minutes.

…And create stories from RSS feeds, insert redirect or clickable links to the full posts.

Accept & Serve Ads

Ads are one of the main sources through which sites are monetized, StoryPal offers an easier way to monetize your story’s contents. In fact in 2 distinct ways

Full Story Analytics;

Get full insight analytics about how well your stories are performing, like;

  • What’s my most visited page/slide for a given story?
  • For a given story, how far into the story users typically go
  • Number of clicks & interactions with your stories.

Auto Post To Social platforms

You can auto-publish your stories link to the news feed of FB, Twitter & Instagram.

Posting on these social platforms gives your content wider readership & traction

Insert Tracking Pixels

StoryPal lets you insert pixels from FB, Google analytics & Google tag manager.

By inserting these tracking pixels, you will be able to better segment your custom audience & retarget for effectiveness…

Weekly Stats By Email

Get full stats of your stories performance emailed to you on a weekly basis in other to know which stories;

Outperform the other, What was the drop off or completion rate.

Where the visitors came from and what links where clicked and by now much

Create Story Menus & Sidebars

Why stop at just one story page when you can knit your created stories in a menu format and insert them as a sidebar for users to navigate from one story to the other without leaving your story pages.

Story Swipe Up

With the swipe up features, users will be able to insert lengthy content to their stories where viewers can consume more story content that is longer than the original story length

Add GDPR Consent

Give visitors the option to accept your cookie & GDPR policy.

Determine if the user should be asked to interact with the control & capture the user’s consent decision

Add More To Story Bookend

They have expanded the story bookend which gives more exposure & wider viewership of other stories that’re related or which you would like the views to see.

How Does StoryPal Work?


Login to your easy to use StoryPal dashboard, nothing to install.


Choose custom templates, create from scratch, from any site URL or RSS feeds to generate stunning web stories.

STEP #3: Customise

Use the built-in drag & drop editor to customize your stories with just clicks.


Publish, embed & sit back as your story gets shared and ranks in the search engines for FREE traffic.

Demo Video


“It’s A Great Deal. Should I Invest Today?”

Not only are you getting access to StoryPal for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. StoryPal includes a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose StoryPal, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund – no question asked. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for ? Try It today and get The Following Bonus Now !

Ps: If you have any questions you want to ask me about StoryPal or you simply want to present your feelings and thoughts about it. Please feel free to relay your comments, suggestions or corrections., I will answer you wholeheartedly and thoughtfully. Thanks!

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