SurveyFlow Review

SurveyFlow Review – Are you searching for more knowleadge about SurveyFlow? Please read through my honest review about it before choosing, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it be worth your time and effort and cash?

Introducing SurveyFlow – What Is It?

SurveyFlow lets you run survey campaign easily in WordPress (WP); collect feedback from your audience, adjust score for participants & set logic. So you can understand your customers better & cut off all the expensive research & testing costs, as well as build a huge list, segment leads, & convert more sales.

SurveyFlow can assist you optimize your marketing campaign by doing these 3 critical activities:


Find out audience needs & dig deeper into their head through survey to provide relevant offers – something that they really need & want.


Segment audience automatically based on their response to provide relevant offers to the right audience.


Convert leads & visitors into paying clients better by being more relevant. No more guessing while cutting off research & testing costs.

Please watch this video which will help you understand to operate this software in the easiest way!!!

SurveyFlow Review & Overview

  • Creator: Tantan Hilyatana
  • Product: SurveyFlow
  • Date Of Launch: 2019-Jul-25
  • Time Of Launch: 10:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $29
  • Sales Page:
  • Niche: Software

SurveyFlow Features & Benefits


Forget all the boring survey appearances. Create an attractive survey with SurveyFlow that drives interaction & engagement. Create survey from scratch or select from a ton of gorgeous templates that they have provided.


SurveyFlow allows you to customize your survey appearance the way you like it. You will be able to change the background color to fit with your brand, font color, font size, insert a background image, and more.


Gather valuable insights & view your survey statistics in no time. SurveyFlow statistics reveal the crucial data from participants, so you are able to assess & understand your audience easily & quickly.


SurveyFlow uses HTML opt-in form as the Autoresponder integration to make it super flexible. So it is going to work with almost any Autoresponder service out there – SurveyFlow works with ANY Autoresponder seamlessly.


It is going to make your subscribers easier to participate in your survey, as they do not need to enter their name and/or email if you use this feature. Their name & email will be automatically filled on your opt-in form – in the case you throw your survey to your list.


Powerful conditional logic system for segmenting users by their response. You are able to utilize redirect logic or opt-in logic. For example, if somebody answers ‘Yes’ to a question, redirect him/her to page A, and If he/she answers ‘No’, redirect him/her to page B.

Or, if somebody answers ‘Yes’ to a question, show him/her opt-in form A, and if he/she answers ‘No’, show him/her opt-in form B. And it does not limit to two set logics, if you provide THREE or more answer options, you can set THREE or more redirect or opt-in logic.


You are able to use scoring in SurveyFlow to create a score-based quiz for your audience. Assign a score to every answer option & view the total score of every participant in your survey statistics.


You can display your survey on your own WP site, external site, and ANY site that allows HTML code embed. So it works with ANY site. You are able to display your survey as a single page survey, as inline inside your web content, or as a lightbox popup.


SurveyFlow works perfectly & looks stunning on all devices (laptop, desktop, mobile & tablet). So you will never lose the huge potential of mobile traffic.


Allow your survey to spreads out & goes viral by letting visitors share your survey easily & quickly, as they have provided social media share button intuitively.


Create survey easier & faster, as well as get insights & ideas from their a ton of gorgeous templates. On your WP admin dashboard, you will see their stunning templates. Pick a template with just a single click to use it, then customize it the way you like.


You can display your survey on ANY site that allows HTML code embed. You are able to display your survey as a page survey, as inline inside your website content, or as a lightbox popup.

Whether you use LeadPages, Elementor, OptimizePress, WP default editor, HTML web page, ClickFunnels, Unbounce, and the list goes on – SurveyFlow works with ANY site.

Who Should Buy SurveyFlow?

SurveyFlow is designed for anybody who wants to optimise their marketing for better results; build a huge & qualified list, market research and product research, improve products, satisfy clients, and grow audience.


Do research & assess your target market with SurveyFlow & understand your audience, so you will be able to promote something that they really need & want.


Stop spending money on the wrong audience & products. Instead, do market & product research with SurveyFlow so you can advertise & scale up with confidence.


Find out your audience needs & dig deeper into their head with SurveyFlow. So you are able to provide relevant offers to the right audience.


Reduce the risk of failure in marketing & product development. Assess your target market & understand your audience even before the launch.


Get clear & valuable feedbacks from your customers to improve your services. So you can provide better experience for your current & further customers.


Get clear & valuable insights about your audience needs & your products/services. Improving your business is absolutely going to increase your sales.

As well as network marketers, dropshippers, resellers, and more… Anybody who wants to improve & optimize their products & marketing strategy for better customer experience, bigger audience & better sales. Whether Internet markeketing niche or non Internet marketing, digital product or physical product.

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