The Tactics That Actually Work

Make your FB Page easy to find

This is a simple concept that deserves repeating: people cannot like your Facebook Page if they cannot find it. Here are some things you could do to increase your visibility.

Choose an easy-to-discover Page name

People looking for your brand on FB will be searching for your brand name. Keep things simple & make it easy for them to find you by using your brand name as your Page name. Do not add unnecessary keywords—these will make your Page look spammy rather than like a legitimate business presence for the brand.

Select a memorable & consistent username

Your username—sometimes called a vanity URL—appears in your brand’s FB Page web address. A username that is consistent with your handle on other social channels will make it easier for people who follow you elsewhere to track you down on Facebook. Like your Page name, your username could be closely related to the name of your business.

Add Facebook follow and Like buttons to your website/blog

Someone who has just discovered a valuable tip or strategy on your website/blog is primed to want to hear more from you. Make it easy for them to connect with you on FB by adding Facebook follow and Like buttons to your site:

Embed a Facebook Post on your website/blog

This option supports, even more, visibility for your Facebook Page on your website/blog. Rather than a simple button, you could embed an entire post by copy and pasting some simple code. Just navigate to the post you want to embed, click the 3 dots in the top right corner, and click Embed. Then copy & paste the code into your HTML. Here is an example from the Hootsuite Facebook Page:

Any visitors who click on your embedded post to learn more will be taken to the post as it appears on your FB Page, creating an opportunity for a new Page Like. Viewers can like the post itself directly from the embedded post, without leaving your website/blog.

Include a link to your Facebook Page in your newsletter/email signature

The people you already communicate with through channels like email/an opt-in newsletter are a great potential audience for your Facebook Page. Make sure it is easy for them to find and connect with you by including links to your FB Page in all of your electronic communications.

Cross-promote your FB page on other social channels

Take advantage of the following you have built on other social channels by cross-promoting your Facebook content. Do not just post a link to your Facebook Page and ask people to follow you. Instead, choose a good piece of Facebook-specific content—like an infographic/short video—to promote so that you can highlight the value of your FB Page, rather than just letting people know it exists.

The NFL, for instance, used Twitter to cross-promote a FB Live video, driving Twitter followers to its Facebook page:

Aim for shares

Shared Facebook posts grow your organic reach, giving you a better chance of getting more FB Likes. A share also indicates that someone felt strongly enough about the content that they were motivated to share it with personal networks, giving you additional credibility with an audience that might not already be familiar with your brand.

Invite existing contacts and employees to like your FB page

FB makes it easy to invite personal FB connections to like your business Page, but be careful about how you use the feature. Simply sending out mass invites is more likely to get you unfriended than to bring in FB Likes for your Business Page.

Instead, make a message explaining what value you think the contacts might gain from liking your Page.

You have to also encourage employees to like your Facebook Page—both so that they could stay up-to-date with what you are promoting as a brand, as part of a larger employee advocacy strategy.

Promote your FB Page in real life

Do not limit your promotion of your FB Page to the online world. Include your Page address on your business cards & corporate stationery. Designer Ana Bermejo uses the same handle across social networks & includes the icons on her business cards so contacts know where to find and Like her on social, including FB.

If you host events, include the address on your signage.

People who’re already interacting with your brand in real life understand the value you have to offer—make it easy for them to connect with you on FB to access more of that value.