The Pacific App Review

The Pacific App Review – Are you searching for more knowledge about The Pacific App? Please read through my honest review about it before selecting, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it be worth your time and effort and cash?

The Pacific App Review & Overview

  • Creator: Sandy Nayak
  • Product: The Pacific App
  • Launch Date: 2019-Jan-05
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $37
  • Sales Page:
  • Niche: General

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What Is The Pacific App?

The Pacific App Lets Anyone Download Publicly Available Emails and Phone numbers from members of any FB group… Customers Can Extract Them At a Click Of A Button.

The Pacific App Features & Benefits


Multi-Group Target Engine

Boost your research by searching for multiple groups immediately.

No other competition targeting software can do this. With them, you are limited to just one term at a time. When you are running lots of ads, this gets old real fast.

But with the Pacific App, you are able to search for as many groups as you want in multiple tabs, massively cutting down your time investment.

Meaning you get to run more ads, email, call more people and make more profit than ever before.

Advanced Filtering

Ensure you only generate the very best data for your ads.

You are able to filter by Email Only. You are able to filter by Phone Numbers.

This’s going to make your ads MASSIVELY more profitable… and you are able to do it better and faster than anybody else.

Built-in Knowledge Base

They have designed The Pacific App to be so easy to use, you may never need this. But if you are ever unsure how to make something happen, they have put everything you need to know, right at your fingertips.

The Best UI Ever

This tool was not built for developers. It was built for YOU, and it is been designed to allow you to pick it up as fast as possible.

They’ve been through extensive tests to ensure it is as intuitive as possible… not to mention, it looks so good you could dress it in leather and call it Jessica Alba.


Faster Searches

Search for as many FB Groups as you want at once

Target Exact Users Of Competitors

Get Publicly Displayed Email IDs and Phone numbers of FB Profiles who are all using your competitors product. Growth Hack By Offering Discounts and Free Trials to these people and get them to switch to your products and services!

Huge ROI

Such a high conversion rate means your ROI goes through the roof.

Better Audiences

Make sure only the HOTTEST prospects see your ads by creating powerful custom and lookalike audiences on FB…giving you incredible results

Higher conversions

When you focus only on the right people, you get a far higher click-through-rate.

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Who Should Buy The Pacific App?

And that means whatever your customers want to sell with your Facebook ads, Cold emails or Cold calls… The Pacific App can make their campaigns massively more profitable.

Kindle: Helps to Find targeted audiences hungry for their new book by helping them hunt for Facebook groups around books in their niche.

Amazon Affiliate: Helps Amazon Affiliate Site Owners Make more commissions by targeting buyers who hang out in Facebook Groups of Product Companies.

Shopify: The Pacific App Would Help Sell more products than ever using the combination of powerful custom audiences, lookalike audiences and interests.

CPA: For Example, let’s say your customers have got a Fifa CPA Offer they want to promote? The Pacific App Help Helps Them Search for Different FB Groups which have football lovers, extract publicly available data from their profiles and market to them with emails, calls and ads.

How Does The Pacific App

The Pacific App was designed so ANYBODY can pick it up and get great results in a few minutes. In fact, you can find the most targeted audience you have ever had in just FOUR easy steps.

Step 1: Enter your FaceBook Group Info to generate a list of Publicly Available Email IDs and Phone numbers of members.

Step 2: Cold Email/Cold Call Prospects with info that you were able to retrieve from the software.

Step 3: Build a Targeted Custom Audience on FB to whom you can market your products & services to.

Step 4: Build a Lookalike Audience on FB which has a far higher number of people that have similar interests to users of your competitor products.

That is really it. The Pacific app will assist you to find the hottest prospects, with no real effort from you.

My The Pacific App Experience

Running a Facebook campaign is not easy. If you are a beginner at affiliate marketing, the sheer volume of data on FB can be quite overwhelming. The Pacific App is surprisingly helpful if you need to collect data on potential consumers for your clients. As a group extraction app, it gets the contact information of people on Facebook groups for you. I used to spend a lot of time looking for my target audience; so much that I did not have time to work on my content and advertising. The Pacific App delivers what its creators promised; a legal way of tapping into a customer base.

As a creative, the technical details of the job used to be very monotonous for me. Using FB search options would generally result in common interests etc. this would not yield proper results and my business suffered. I wanted to target my audience through personalized ads and offers, something that only multimillion companies can offer to do. With The Pacific App, however, getting the listed emails and numbers of people in a group is just a click away.

The best part is great copywriting; the copy was created by a team of experts who have made similar high conversion apps and bundles in the past. This bundle just takes all your responsibilities and lets you launch a campaign from anywhere, without even lifting a finger.

Legal data extraction is a very helpful tool in marketing. Although most data extraction tools are very complicated to use, The Pacific App is extremely user friendly and easy to use even for technologically impaired people like me. All this advanced demographic data at your disposal and all you need to do is click a few times. This app has also helped me to analyze market trends and understand what the target audience requires.

I would highly recommend The Pacific App for its high conversions and friendly UI.

Price & Evaluation

FE: The Pacific App

Can Scrape 5 FB Groups Per Month,Can’t Offer it as a service for clients (Standard License) $27

Unlimited Groups, Can Offer it as a service for clients (Developer License) $37

OTO 1: The Pacific App PRO Version

Extract Email ID’s, Phone Numbers Of People From Comments Left On Posts + Extract Email ID’s based on keyword searches inside Facebook. (Chrome Extension) $47

OTO 2: The Atlantic App

Send bulk messages to prospects on Facebook without being banned. $97

OTO 3: Pacific App Ecom Masterclass

Learn How To Use Pacific App To Make Profit by driving Facebook Ads to Shopify Stores. $47


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