Video Joiner PRO Review

Video Joiner PRO Review – Are you searching for more knowledge about Video Joiner PRO? Please read through my honest reviews about it before selecting, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it be worth your time and effort and cash?

Introduce Video Joiner PRO Review

1st Impressions are important, you only have seconds to capture viewer’s attention.

You need to use those valuable seconds to inspire trust, quality & a sense of high value instantly.

Starting a video with an Intro & finishing it with an Outro, will show them that you’re serious about your brand and will make them invest more time in the whole video.

With the new Video Joiner PRO you can merge videos in a few minutes!

Video Joiner PRO Review – Overview

  • Creator: Jimmy Mancini
  • Product: Video Joiner PRO
  • Release Date: 2018-May-29
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $17
  • Sales Page: Click here
  • Niche: Video

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What Is Video Joiner PRO?

Video Joiner PRO Review

Video Joiner PRO is an Adobe Air software (works on PC and MAC) that merge different videos to create a unique high quality professional looking video. Video Joiner PRO lets you merge those Intros or Outros that maybe you got from other software like Video Robot, Viddyoze, Intro Video Creator or Live Action Intros & let you MERGE those video to your MAIN video; avoiding you to use expensive services to edit your videos or to use complicated Video Editors.

Features & Benefits

Merge Video From 3 Sources

Forget about expensive software or designers charging you a fortune to merge your videos. Video Joiner PRO is the easiest & most affordable solution on the market to merge your videos.

Merge Video With Different Dimensions

Jimmy Mancini understand that you might have videos with differente sizez/dimensions, that is why they developed Video Joiner PRO in a way that lets you use almost ANY video & merge it into a new video.

Ability to Mute the Original Audio Track & Change it

Some ‘other’ free or more expensive software are limited to give you a low quality merged videos. Video Joiner PRO allows you to add your OWN Music background on the Intro, Main Video or Outro Video.

Option to use a Video or Image for your Outro Video

We know that sometimes you want to use your intro video as an outro video BUT sometimes you wanto use an outro video or maybe an image as an outro video. That is why we inserted the option to select between using a video or an image to create your outro video.

Export it in A Few Minutes (Rendering)

Some ‘other’ tools on the market make you wait ages, a long, long time to generate a video. Video Joiner PRO rendering engine is one of the most powerful & fastest on the market, so you get Amazing merged Videos done super fast! (*if your main video is too big it’ll take longer that usual)

Easy To Use

We know you do not want to waste time learning how to use a new software. We designed Video Joiner PRO in a way that makes it easy & intuitive to use it; even for a child (tested with our kids), so you can save time too!

How Does Video Joiner PRO Work?

3 Steps to Create an Amazing Merged Video

STEP 1: Insert Your Intro, Main Video & Outro

You’ve an Intro Video & want to merge it to your Main Video, you can do it OR You Have Your main Video & you just want to insert an Outro Video, you can do it OR You just have an Intro Video + Main Video + Outro Video to Merge, No problem Video Joiner PRO can do it!

Video Joiner PRO, gives you the flexibility to select what video you want to merge, either & intro or outro, it is up to you! Video Joiner PRO is ready to assist you merge your videos to make them look amazing!

STEP 2: Mute The Audio, Insert Your OWN Music & change the Outro Settings (Optional)

Video Joiner PRO lets you remove the audio of your original Intro Video or main Video or Outro Video. You can select to replace the audio track by using the audio or other media track included on the software or you can insert your OWN!

You have the option to select what audio track you want to remove or insert on your new merged creation. No Outro Videos? no problem; Video Joiner PRO will let you create an Outro video using an image or color background!

STEP 3: Click Export & Enjoy Your NEW Merged Video

Maybe one of your videos wasn’t HD or it was too big! No problem, Video Joiner PRO will adjust the setttings to Export a video that match your desired dimensions!

You have the option to select your video dimensions, 640×360 or HD 1280×720 or HD 1920 x 1080. After clicking the export button you just need to wait a FEW minutes (1 Minute or less average – it depends on the size of your Main Video) and your NEW Merged Video will be ready for you to use it in anything you want!

Video Samples (BEFORE / AFTER)

Sample 1 – BEFORE

Sample 2 – AFTER


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