Video Spinn Review

What is Video Spinn ?

Video Spinn is a simple, yet full featured, desktop app (for both Windows & Mac) that lets you create hundreds — even thousands — of unique videos with just a few mouse clicks. Video Spinn can create randomized slideshow videos using folders of images and/or video clips. These are perfect for SEO, YouTube domination, off-line client commercials, video personalization, affiliate marketing via video, keyword targeting, video branding, and more! They’re finding new uses every day.

It’s so simple… You give the app your folder of content, pick the number of images/clips to use in each video, min & max time for each image/clip to be shown, what transitions to use, what optional watermark to use… you can even designate an intro and/or outro video to tack onto each slideshow, plus a folder to pull random music tracks from. Tell it how many videos to crank out, click the Spin button, and Video Spinn starts chugging out unique randomized videos.

Video Spinn Overview

  • Vendor: Anthony Aires
  • Product: Video Spinn
  • Release Date: 2018-Mar-26
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Sales Page:
  • Niche: Video

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How Video Spinn Work?

Video Spinn is a video creation tool that enables users to generate as many slideshow style videos as they want with the click of a button.

The tool works efficiently by taking your existing images & video clips and generates multiple slideshow videos from your media based on your specifications.

Video Spinn is a perfect solution for SEO. YouTube. off-line client commercials, affiliate marketing, video personalization, video branding, keyword targeting & much more.

Here is a quick step-by-step tutorial of how Video Spinn works based on the screenshot above:

1. Set # Clips/Images per Project. For instance if you set it to six each slideshow would consist of six images.
2. Set your Min Duration per Image(s) which is how long each image will be displayed for
3. Set Max Duration per Image(s) (located below minimum duration option in #3). For example, if you enter three seconds minimum and six seconds maximum, Video Spinn will randomly display each image between 3-6 seconds or you could enter “3” for both values & then each image would be displayed for three seconds.
4. Set the Transition Time (ms) which is how long the transition effect will play
5. Choose # Videos to Create which is the number of video clips you would like to create in your active project so if you enter “5” here, Video Spinn would proceed to generate five videos after you click “Spin” in step #11.
6. Set your video quality (i.e. highest is HD quality)
7. Select your watermark if you would like to have one (i.e. company logo for branding)
8. Choose which Video Transition (transition effect between each image/video) that you would like to use (see below)
9. Point to the source of the background music you would like to use (optional) by selecting your Music Folder. If you decide to use background music you’ll also choose whether you would like to play audio during the intro & outro.
10. Select a custom image for your first & last images (optional)
11. Click Spin & the software will proceed to create your videos based on your preferences!

I’m very impressed with Video Spinn overall. This is a software that I could see myself using for my own business & it can be useful in just about any on-line business for that matter since video marketing has become essential especially when you see statistics that illustrate how videos are so much more powerful than any other form of media. It is not even close!

Video Spinn 2018 is especially nice for people like myself that may not have have the skills to produce videos with catchy effects and I am guessing many of you’re in the same boat.

This tool is very reasonably priced and it’ll enable you to create professional & engaging videos without any technical skill whatsoever. As long as you know how to transfer images to your hard drive, you’ll be able to use this tool & create beautiful customized slideshows.

Upon testing this software myself. I was particularly impressed with the interface & how the entire video production process can be executed from one screen.
You can see a screenshot of that screen at the beginning of this section.

In my opinion, the interface is both very impressive & user-friendly, not simply because everything is on the same screen, but also because each option is self-explanatory & intuitive from the user’s perspective.

For example when you see “images/clips per project” or “minimum duration per image” or “transition time” these are all things you do not have to think twice about.

And here are the 5 videos I created in the above walkthrough, for an online/offline travel deals promotion example:

Here’s A Closer Look Under The Hood Of Video Spinn 2018…

Fast Bulk Video Creation – Video Spinn can create up to 100 unique videos just by entering a few simple fields & spinning a few dials. You will now have plenty of unique video clips to add as ‘related videos’ to your YouTube channels… so your videos rank higher for their keywords

Optional Intro & Final Image/Clip – Brand your videos with optional intro & final clips… add your logo or contact information to make your video more memorable to the viewer

Video Transitions – Engage your viewers longer with pro level effects to stay glued to the screen – Video Spinn 2018 has a full range of transition options, including cross dissolve; fade to black; fade to white; slide from left/right/top/bottom; & zoom from/to center.

Optional Audio Clips – Select from the Continuous option, which pulls one of your audio clip from the Music Folder per video & loops it for the duration of the video… or choose the Random option, which randomly pulls music files & inserts them into your video clips for you.

Supported Video Formats – Video Spinn supports adding .MP4 .MPG .AVI .MOV .FLV and .WMV clips to your finished videos

Supported Image Formats – Images in .JPG .PNG .BMP .GIF .TIFF file formats are supported by Video Spinn 2018

Choose Your Own Filenames – The ability to enter your own file names is a huge advantage, because you can enter your keywords as your file names… which means higher ranking & free traffic

Spin Option – Choose this option to let the software randomly insert the exact number of images & clips you want… for unlimited, unique videos on demand

Join Option – Creates a single video from all the images/videos in the Resource Folder, joined together alphabetically, to effortlessly create ‘authority videos’ which build your brand & reputation.

Watermark Option – Protect your videos from being ripped off by other marketers

Supported Audio Formats – .MP3 .WAV .WMA .ACC audio files are supported by Video Spinn 2018

PC & Mac Compatible – Video Spinn is compatible with both types of machines… simply choose the best option for your needs

Includes Quick Start Guide & Video Walkthrough – We have included a simple-to-follow Quick Start Guide in order to get your first project set up in just minutes from now. Of course, because we want to ensure your success, we have also included a video walkthrough Video Spinn. Watch along as you see a campaign set up in real time.

Video Spinn 2018 is ideal for marketers get more social shares, more leads, & more sales, including:

  • Video marketers
  • Social network marketers
  • Webinar hosts
  • SEO providers
  • Local business owners
  • Product creators
  • eCom store owners
  • Kindle authors
  • List builders
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Podcasters
  • Udemy marketers

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve a Mac. Will Video Spinn 2018 Work for me?

Yes. Video Spinn 2018 has versions for both PC & Mac. No matter what your choice of system is, Video Spinn will work for you.

How fast can you produce videos with Video Spinn 2018?

It all depends on how much of your computer’s resources you wish to devote to your video projects. If you wish to allocate most of your system’s resources to Video Spinn, you’ll produce your videos much faster than if you devote only a percentage of your resources to creating your videos. Full training on how to adjust the level of resource allocation is included with your purchase of Video Spinn.

Am I limited to using my own files in the Resource Folder?

You can include any files you have the rights to use. You can include stock images; stock video clips; PLR images, Creative Commons files, clips, & sound files, or your own photos, images, music, & video clips. Of course, carefully check the licensing of your source files before using them with Video Spinn. If you use Creative Commons files, they may have to be attributed, so be aware of this.

Will the videos produced by Video Spinn randomly include files in the Resource Folder?

It depends on whether you select the Spin option or the Join option for your video output. The Spin option will add your images, clips, music files & transitions randomly; the Join option includes all files in the Resource folder in alphabetical order in the finished video.

Can I name my completed video files however I want?

Yes. Include a list of desired file names, & Video Spinn will include them on your videos clips. If you don’t include a list of file names, Video Spinn will name them Spin1.mp4, Spin2.mp4, or Join1.mp4, Join2.mp4, etc.

Can I watermark my Video Spinn videos?

Yes, Video Spinn 2018 will watermark your videos for you. Just select the image you wish to use for your watermark & where you want it positioned on the Watermarks menu.

What quality are the videos Video Spinn produces?

Video Spinn enables you to set the quality of the videos it produces for you. You can select to produce your videos in the following resolutions: Highest – 2048p; High – 1280p; Medium – 800p; Low – 512p; Lowest – 320p. This lets you select the level of quality you need for a particular project.

For example, if you want to create video links to a buffer site for SEO purposes, producing videos in high resolution may be as important to you if you want to embed the videos on your own website.

Am I limited on how many videos I can produce with Video Spinn 2018?

While you can produce a maximum of 100 videos in a single sitting with Video Spinn 2018, the total number of videos you can make is unlimited. If you wish to produce more than 100 videos, simply start a new project.

What kind of files can I include in the Resource Folder?

Here’s a quick rundown on the supported file types:

  • Image files: .JPG .PNG .BMP .GIF .TIFF
  • Video clips/Videos: .MP4 .MPG .AVI .MOV .FLV .WMV
  • Audio files: MP3 .WAV .WMA .ACC

What file format are the completed videos from Video Spinn produced in?

The completed videos are produced in .mp4 format. Most video sharing sites such as YouTube will let you add .mp4 files without making any kind of modifications.

Can I add intro and/or outro images & video clips to my finished videos for branding purposes?

Absolutely! Just turn on the Intro/Final Image switches inside Video Spinn’s interface with a click, & select the image/clip you want to include as either your intro or final image or clip on your videos.

How much do I pay each video? each month?

Nothing! This is a one-time purchase. You don’t have to pay any per-video or per-month subscription fees to use Video Spinn!

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