Viral Hacking: How it can turn you to a Market Leader

Viral Hacking

Let me talk about viral.

This is not something about the spread of your dumb videos.

It is something more profound than that.

Let me start with what makes a thing viral. It is a psychological promise and a reward loop that makes people share a thing with their friends. Then friends share this to their friends too until unrelated people pick it up.

In this article, I will share how to hijack a human nature resulting in high and consistent quality leads even you don’t spend any amount of money on advertising.

Later on you will realize you are becoming a market leader.

What is UpViral?

UpViral is a Viral Hacking tool, an ultimate viral marketing system that really works. It is a cloud-based software that helps in creating a viral competition, giveaway, and sweepstake. Anyone can join your contest by sharing your content on a social network, which helps you generate a lead once they visit the URL.

The good thing about UpViral is the fact that it supports five primary social networks, namely, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. If many people share your campaign, the more points they get, so the higher is the chance of winning the contest to get more of the free rewards.

In Upviral, you can promote the landing page that you want. However, if you’re going to have the best return of investment and a never-ending viral loop, get a new email and build your list. This is possible by setting up your lead page. Consider a registration page for a webinar, a subscription page for new products, or a squeeze page that gives freebies to join the list, and many others.

The ultimate goal is for the people to take action such as visiting a website, generate leads, or sharing a page in exchange for winning a price or getting a reward after they reach the number of required entry points.

Who is the Founder of UpViral?

Wilco de Kreij is the founder of UpViral. He is a full-time internet marketer who started at a very young age. He was just 16 when he began to sell sunglasses online. After practicing his passion for a decade, he created some online marketing tools or apps, including WordPress plugins.

Another thing that Wilco de Kreij does is to spearhead a talented team of developers, programmers, designers, and marketing professionals to make sure that Connectio remains a top-shelf tool. Among these tools is Connect Explore, Connect Audience, Connect Leads, UpViral, Connect Retarget, and  Connect Automate. To be specific, Wilco focuses on helping online business people. These products are apps on one shelf.

You’ll get a revolutionary targeting tool using FB, a seamless autoresponder, and a Facebook retargeting that boosts your ROI. Then an FB lead to your email on a two-click process, compelling FB  target and retargeting, and also knowing the winning ads to eliminate losers in your ad. Truly, it is an ultimate referral marketing platform.

The founder of UpViral is known for software products that are high quality in terms of helping Facebook advertisers get a better return from their investments.

What are the Ultimate Features of UpViral?

I like using this viral hacking technique. I am enjoying the features of Upviral. These ultimate features are the following:

  • It is cloud managed. There is no need to upload anything. You can use and have access to it in any device provided you have an internet.
  • The contest and reward management system is simple and easy to use.
  • It is easy to manage the dashboard for campaigns.
  • There are available templates for landing pages and thank you pages. Just pick a model and customize it using the editor. You can even create two or more and have a split test.
  • You can have unlimited competition and reward.
  • Upviral supports social sharing to primary networks: Fb, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google +).
  • You can customize the text and image for every social network.
  • You can save and export email addresses. All participants email addresses automatically saves and you can export them as a CSV file.
  • You can enable or disable the opt in email. Once activated, the viewers have to confirm email before the entry, which is a great way to avoid fake emails.
  • It supports all primary email service providers. Autoresponder integration!
  • It is easy for the subscriber to sign up and share the links.
  • It’s cool because you can send emails to your subscribers and ask them to join the contest, and it’s fully automated consisting of proper links in the email which they can share to get a reward.
  • You can customize and collect any information from the audience, such as their location, phone numbers, and etc.
  • You can have an automated email and a follow-up system that will stimulate the participants to take action.
  • You can have an A/B split test. This test is a multiple lead magnet that will help you determine the best opt-in. You will find out the most shared pages, the best click, and its open rates.
  • It is mobile optimized.
  • You can fully customize the referrer and the reward system. The rewards can be a URL, a file to be downloaded, or a coupon code. You can give points once a person signs up, refer a visitor or a lead. Then you can also assign points when they share the contest on their social network.
  • I like that Upviral had automated security. There are auto fraud detection and IP tracking.
  • You can quickly track the performance of the campaigns and the leads.
  • There is a complete training guide and support accessible in the dashboard.

How to Use UpViral?

UpViral, a viral hacking tool is easy to use. Just log in and create a campaign. Give it a name and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Appearance Setting

Using the built-in template, create your lead and the thank you page. Set the social appearance in the setting using the primary social networks: FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest that you prefer.

Step 2: Reward Setting

When it comes to the reward points, you can choose the number of entries that a person gets for sharing it (contest) or for generating leads, visiting a specific web page, or specifying the reward (giveaway).

Step 3: General Setting

The next step is setting up the general setting. You should set up the autoresponder and create a follow-up series of email.

Step 4: Publishing

After creating your campaign and setting up the appearance and the setting, it is now ready for publication. To publish, just embed the code on your website. You can publish the contest or just make it pop-up.

When do you need UpViral?

Not all people may need UpViral, but if you are an online marketer who wants to be a market leader, this can be helpful to you. You need UpViral when:

  •    You want to run a viral giveaway. If you like to offer an incentive or a reward to your visitor if they bring other visitors to your site. This is perfect for eCommerce shop.
  •    You want to run a viral competition. You can utilize a competition idea to make your product, website, or service popular on twitter or on Facebook.
  •    You want to generate traffic. If you will introduce a new product or service, UpViral is the best tool to use.

What is My Final thought?

UpViral is exceptionally helpful. It is straightforward and easy to use. You can literally create a campaign in just a minute. Unlike other marketing sites online, this helps the enterprises and the businesses in promoting its goods and services through contest, giveaways, and sweepstakes. You may also use this tool for brand awareness.

This tool is cheaper than other commercial advertising media. With a broad range of social media networks like FB, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, you can have a broader audience. There is no need for TV, radio, and print advertising because you can have the same result online.

In creating traffic and increasing your revenue  in your online business, UpViral is a tool to consider. No other tool available in the market today that can turn you to a market leader.

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