Vlueo Review

Vlueo Review – Are you searching for more knowleadge about Vlueo? Please read through my honest review about it before choosing to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. If you buy Vlueo through my link, you will receive special and attractive bonus packages. I always update my bonuses everyday.

Introducing Vlueo

You will agree with me that one of the most effective ways of creating a buzz about your product or service is by advertising it on highly relevant YTube videos. However, finding these videos manually out of a ton of videos on YTube is not only time-consuming but also daunting.

If you need an easy way to find, target, track & place ads on highly relevant YTube videos and also INSCREASE your ROI, then you should check out this New Software:

This software will take your YTube advertising to a new level by providing you with some of the best laser targeting traffic you have ever come across. With this software, you’ll be able to:

-Find monetized videos within a very short period of time
-Find YTube creators that will assist you promote & sell your products
-Create Google ads within a few seconds, and
-Reduce ad costs with the software’s cutting-edge tracking solution.

>>>Have a look on this Short Video Demo

The software can be used on Mac, PC & any mobile device, so you can easily use it on any device that has a web browser on it. Make use of this revolutionary software to show your product or service to the billions of users on YTube and boost your ROI while driving down ad costs.

An Easy Way to Find, Target, Track & Place Ads on YTube Videos

Vlueo Review & Overview

  • Creator: Bobby Walker
  • Product: Vlueo Ads & Tracking Software
  • Date Of Launch : 2019-Nov-29
  • Time Of Launch : 7:00 EST
  • FE Price: $29-$197
  • Sales Page: Click here
  • Niche: Video

What Is Vlueo?

Revolutionary New Software Will Rapidly Find, Target, Track And Place Ads On Highly Relevant YTube Videos … So You Can Effortlessly Drive Down Your Ad Spend & Maximize Your ROI!


A Straightforward Time Saver

They both know time is money right? Stop spending your time searching for monetized videos on YTube.

Laser Targeted Traffic Without Delay

1 click of the mouse & you get instant access to 1000s of highly relevant videos.

Fast-Acting ROI Boost

Your offer is only as good as the people who see it. Targeting the right people for your niche means higher conversions, lower ad costs & maximum ROI.

Effortlessly Reach More Customers

VLUEO will reach out to highly targeted sections of the second largest search engine available… YTube.

Full Training

Please watch this video which will help you understand to operate this software in the easiest way!!!

Vlueo Review – Features & Benefits

Powerful YTube Video Search

  • Vlueo lets you quickly search & locate monetized videos by keyword, likes, dislikes, views, comments, plus more advanced criteria.
  • You’ll instantly see the level of monetization on each video…whether it has pre-roll ads or overlay ads. (or if the video is monetised at all)
  • You are able to click on a thumbnail to preview videos & video ads instantly. If you want to place ad’s on any videos you can import the display ad’s & videos to your Google ads video campaign.
  • You can easily Export lists to CSV/XLS files to view outside the software… Save search criteria for frequent use… and save your results to unlimited lists.

YTube Creators Search

Vlueo lets you quickly find and locate YTube creators to assist promote & sell your products for you.

You can

  • search for them by keyword & advanced parameters to narrow your search.
  • for instance, search for creators by views, or followers to see how popular they are.
  • contact any relevant creators you find easily as Vlueo gives you social media links, emails & site links for any potential influencers.
  • can export lists to CSV/XLS files & save to unlimited lists inside the software.

Easy Google Ad Builder

Inside Vlueo you can save the data you need to create your own Google ads.

Inside the Google Ad Builder section you can:

  • Create an ad campaign.
  • Create an ad group.
  • Create an advert with placeholder images & text.
  • Configure custom ad variables.
  • Configure a custom tracking template.
  • Assign chosen YTube videos as ad targets.

Ytube Video Ads Library

A growing list of Ytube adverts with important analytics for viewing.

Video Ads Tracking & Analytics

View important statistics & get accurate data with their first party tracking cookies solution!

Vlueo will also drive down your ad costs with its built-in (easy to use) first party tracking solution…

  • You can easily create unlimited tracking links inside Vlueo.
  • It is easy to set-up. You get a tracking link template supplied to paste directly into your Google ads accounts, campaign, ad group or ad levels.
  • You also get analytics charting.
  • You can easily export all your clicks & conversions to CSV/XLS files for offline analysis & click fraud detection.
  • Vlueo’s algorithm will detect potential fraudulent or multiple clicks & provide your Googles ads account with an IP blacklist to reduce advertising costs & boost conversion rates.

PLUS More YTube Video Ads

When you get access Vlueo today, you also get access to a constantly building & growing list of newly discovered video ads & statistics so you can find out what does and doesn’t work.

Or use those video ads for inspiration when creating your own profitable ad campaigns.

Keyword Atlas Keywords Software

Get laser targeted keywords from over 20 different sources!

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Who Should Get Vlueo?

To See Amazing Results With YTube Advertising Like Never Before…?

Social Media Marketers

Stop wasting time with FB ads & get super laser targeted traffic using Vlueo.

Online Entrepreneurs

If you make money online then you need a reliable source of targeted traffic. With Vlueo, you can do just that!

Aff. Marketers

Using targeted ads to promote affiliate offers is still one of the best methods for building a sustainable online business fast.

Ecommerce Store Owners

Creating targeted ads for your ecommerce products have never been easier using Vlueo. Kick your store into Overdrive today!

Site Owners

Get buyer traffic to your sites has never been easier using Vlueo to find laser-targeted Ytube videos to advertise on.

Offline Businesses

People use Ytube to find more information about businesses, and this’s the perfect tool for uncovering the exact audience you need for your offline business.

Price Of Vlueo

FE #1: Vlueo one time payment option

You get permanent access to Vlueo which includes all updates & upgrades to the platform.

FE #2: Vlueo yearly payment option

You get yearly access to Vlueo which includes all updates & upgrades to the platform for as long as you stay subscribed.

FE #3: Vlueo monthly payment option

You get monthly access to Vlueo which includes all updates & upgrades to the platform for as long as you stay subscribed.


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