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Vortex Trading Pro EA … Trading in FOREX the easier and successful way!

When Online FOREX Trading debut years ago, there was a lot of hype about it among my friends and business colleagues. It was the in-thing to do at that time and, of course, many of them launched into it. I, on the other hand, was skeptical. You see I have this reserved “wait-and-see” mindset and attitude and I was not going to take any chance on risking or losing my hard-earned money and investments. Sadly and needless to say, I was right. A considerable number of my friends and colleagues did lose their investments and, even as of today, some are yet to recover from it. But today, the story is different. I am a believer, and an ardent one too at that, in online FOREX Trading; and not only am I loving it, I am smiling all the way to the bank!

Do I have your ears and attention now? You are wondering how I became “converted?” Before I let you into the open secret, let’s look at some facts, myths and issues about FOREX trading. Traditional problems and challenges with FOREX includes:

  • Lack of technical knowledge and experience about FOREX trading
  • The trader’s mindset – the human element of impatience, fear and lack of faith in a good trading system that has destroyed a lot of good trades and winning opportunities.
  • Believe that trading must be done every day.
  • Abandoning a strategy after a week or more of bad trading and seeking for new strategies.
  • Fear that a negative trade would run down your account.

What is Vortex Trading Pro EA?

Vortex Trading Pro EA is a software robot that eliminates all these concerns and ensures that you trade successfully 95.4% of your transactions without any user input or effort! Did I hear you say “Impossible?” Yea, that was what I thought too. But, it is absolutely possible and I have proved it over and over with Vortex Trading Pro EA. Once installed and set up, it runs round the clock and trade for anyone without any user/human input! It is a genius FX trading robot and can fill up your trading account with new gains every month without you having to worry.

How Does It Works?

Vortex Trading Pro EA was developed by Doug Price – once a money manager and trader in a large trading firm with over 10 years of experience in successful FOREX trading. Having developed series of successful manual FOREX trading strategies, he decided to put them into a software robot that can do the same job automatically, effectively and better. This unique software,

  • Includes safe trade and money management systems such as false signal bypass, auto trade management, profit protection system, and auto money protection
  • Runs on Meta Trader 4 Platform (used by most traders)
  • Uses a number of indicators such as trends, candlestick patterns, support and resistance levels in trading.
  • Work with GBPUSD and EURUSD currency pairs on 15-minute time frame.
  • Tracks price fluctuations and account trends and monitors oscillation and volatility.
  • Also uses Williams Percent Range (WPR), Moving Averages and Commodity Channel Indicators (CCI) indicators.
  • With a precise and unique suite of indicators and settings, eliminate false and bad signals and achieve massive success rates.
  • An auto-installation system with easy instructions.

Understandably, the author has not revealed the trading strategies and logic used in Vortex Trading Pro EA. However, it has been emphasized that it is not a martingale system, a scalper or a grid trader. Statistics displayed on the website indicate a near-to 100% trade success rate with just a meagre 17% draw down. These statistics are supposedly from live FOREX accounts and those accounts have been verified by myfxbook.

Pricing and Downloading

You can choose to obtain a copy of the software either by an amazing single full payment of US$799 or pay in three instalments of US$347 per month. Signing on, downloading and installation instructions are available from the author’s website.

In a few steps, you can be one your way to successful FOREX trading:

1. Sign up for the software from the website, download and run the installer
2. Choose some options (such as scales, limits and parameters), and
3. The rest is automated and you are on your way to making huge wins and profits.

Once you are up and running, Vortex Trading Pro EA remains operational 24 hours and on all trading days, consistently looking online for opportunities to trade and to win. If you don’t want to leave your computer on 24/7 though, you can install a VPS which is a virtual computer that enables you to run the software though your computer is switched off. So, you can literally go to “sleep when the wind blows.”

You can begin trading with as little as US$200 although the author recommends having an opening balance of between $500 to $1,000 to boost your trading capacity.

Based on the author, you have no need of a specific FOREX broker. However, should you choose to us one, obtain a trading account with a regulated, verified ECN FOREX broker.

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