Weenzee Review – Sure Way to Lose Your Money?

You know that the crypto market is trending, and Weenzee is taking its step.

A community that connects people to manage crypto now exists.

Weenzee is doing the same role. However, the question is; is it worth your investment?

In this article, we will try to find out if this is helpful or awful that will lose your investment.

What is Weenzee?

Weenzee is a global community that connects millions of people in the world to manage the crypto market. It is a fund management company. The investors deposit a particular amount of money, and this gets a percentage for a specific time.

Although this scam is not so much popular, I have enough reason to think that it is a scam and it needs to stop. I do not believe what the company promises. It promises to give you a return on your investment at the highest rate. It claims that you can double your initial deposit within three months. If you invest $20 000, you will have $40 000 in three months.  I think that this figure is deceiving. By just looking at it, it sparks an alarm on my head. The company promises something amazing, but it is too good to be real.

Who runs the Weenzee company?

When I checked the website of Weenzee, I did not see info about who runs it. As what I see, weenzee.com was registered on the 15th of August 2018. The owner in the website registration is Mareks Pavlovskis which appears to be from London, United Kingdom, but this is found to be virtual. The YouTube channel about Weenzee reveals that this platform is marked across Asia. Its top sources of traffic are Brazil, Iran, and India. However, from the Weenzee grand opening of the company, the video shows that it was held in Berlin, Germany.

The location coincides with Weenzee through a German registrant who is registered in its domain name. As I see from the video of the grand opening, it features a person that has a strong European accent. So, people will think that people run Weenzee from Europe.

I think that if the company is not telling upfront to the people behind it, it may be because they do not want to be compromised. Is Weenzee real or it is just one of the scammers in the world of online business?

What is the Compensation Plan in Weenzee?

The affiliates invest their efforts to get Weenzee points because of the promise of the return – something like advertised return. The owners of Weenzee are the ones who set the internal value. WNZ points are sold to new investors between 30 days to 365 days. Take a closer look at the compensation plan.

  • If the user signs up, then invest in points, the base return amount is below:
    1. Invest WNZ points within 30 days, and you will receive a return of investment at 0.73%.
    2. So you invest WNZ points within 60 day period, and you will get a return of investment at 0.88%.
    3. If you invest WNZ points within 90 day-period and you also receive a return of investment at 0.91%.
    4. Invest WNZ points within the 180 days, and you surely will get a return of investment at 0.95%.
  • When you invest WNZ points within 365 days,  you will get a return of investment at 0.99%.
  • When it comes to the daily return, you can increase the percentage through a rank progression.

If the user signed up and invest in WNZ points, then you can generate $300 or higher from the downline of 10 or more investors, you can get a bonus of $1 per day. Supposing you invest $300 and you generate $5000 from the totality of the downline that has 30 investors or more, you will get a bonus of 3% daily.

Let us say that you invest $1000 and then generate $10 000 from you downline of 100 or over; you will get a 5% bonus daily. If this gets triple at 1000 or more than investors, you will have a bonus of 7%. Becoming a leader by investing $10, 000, and generating $1, 000 000 out of $3000 investors and more, you can get a 15% bonus. Adding more up to $50 000 and get an interest of $10 000 000 from the downline. Now, if you invest at least $500, 000, you will generate $100, 000 000 from your downline of 50, 000 investors or more, you will have a bonus of 20% daily.

What is the status of Social Media of Weenzee?

Weenzee is inactive in its social media pages like Facebook. It has 306 likes and 321 followers on its Facebook page. In each post, I see that it gets less than ten, five likes for each, which is considerably low. I even have more likes than this for my post. There are also good recommendations for Weenzee, but the sad thing is that all these come from its affiliate marketers hoping to make anybody to sign up and they get a commission.

At the comments section, the messages are filtered. Why would you hide something from these comments? This Weenzee may have received some complaints on its comment section. They are scamming people, and they do not want more people to see it. From the 67 comments, you can only see the seven comments. I think this is ridiculous and it proves that Weenzee is hiding something.

What is my Verdict?

From all the facts I presented, I can tell upfront that Weenzee is a total scam. It seems good to see if it is real, but it is not. When I check on its Facebook page, plenty of comments were deleted. It proves that Weenzee is not transparent. Moreover, if you will check the investment amount, it is crazily high. I will not risk my long-time earned money for this type of investment. So I do not recommend Weenzee to anyone who wants to make money online because it is just a big scam.


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