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Try out this revolutionary, online, cloud-based video editing and creation software that gives you a variety of features and allows you to create impressive videos in a matter of minutes, on a variety of platforms and from anywhere in the world!

Videos are a visible and prominent part of our lives.  Most of what we watch on our television, cables, our smart devices, and TV satellites are videos. We see them always on social media, and we even make them ourselves for fun, entertainment, creating memories, and recording history.

WeVideo is an online, cloud-based software application that allows you to create, edit, capture, share, and view movies at an impressive resolution of up to 4K Ultra HD. You can playback your videos from anywhere in the world because your videos are stored in the cloud.

How is WeVideo different from its peers? Well, for a start, you do not need to be a geek or tech pro to use WeVideo.  In just a few strokes, you can easily use its editing features and create amazing videos. Also, as you move around, anywhere in the world, you may receive an insight or an inspiration that you would like to add to your video or amend existing ones.  You do not have to wait till you return to your home or office and risk losing that inspiration or insight.  You can edit and implement it online, right where you are with no software to download or install locally. WeVideo functions seamlessly on Chromebook, Android, iOS devices as well as on any PC browser and Mac.

WeVideo gives you unparalleled, total control of your videos.  You are only limited by your imagination as you are free to edit and control motion effects, text, green screen, transitions, and more using the vast resources offered to you by this amazing software.

Depending on your subscription plan, you also get access to WeVideo Essentials™, which is an online media library containing over 1 million royalty-free and licensed video clips, music tracks, and images. This means you never have to worry or waste time searching for quality media for your videos, like having your production crew at your beckon call.

Another interesting feature of WeVideo is JumpStart™ technology launched in 2017.  It allows you to immediately start editing your videos from media files on your local storage without waiting for them to upload to the cloud when compared to other video editors. You can browse easily and quickly through your video, add graphics, music, text, arrange and trim clips and see an instant preview.  Media is added using the drag-and-drop method, making it easy to create or edit videos, and your changes are synchronized immediately with your files in the cloud.  JumpStart™ technology is particularly useful in the education and training sector where:

  1. Students can spontaneously implement their ideas and inspiration.
  2. Uploading takes place automatically in the background, making it easier for new students to learn and use.
  3. Teachers can fully utilize their time, and eliminate, if not reduce, prep time needed to pre-load teaching media.
  4. Active learning can begin immediately in class, maximizing the use of class time, without students having to wait till files are uploaded.
  5. Avoid frustrations and disappointments with unreliable bandwidths as local files are used instead of the cloud files.

Let your imagination run wild as you are free to combine and match over 600 formats of video, images, graphics, and audio.  Add to that other features such as speed control, graphics, special effects, green screen, and more and you have an unlimited resourceful video tool at your disposal.

WeVideo for Android

Benefits of WeVideo for Education

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How to Subscribe to WeVideo

WeVideo offers you a variety of plans to suit your needs and budget.  The plans offered are:

  • Free Account
  • Flex Account
  • Power Plan
  • Unlimited Plan
  • Professional
  • Business plan

Also, legally registered schools can obtain a free trial of all WeVideo features for 30 days.  They can request for a quote or buy a plan for a specified number of seats.  You can find out more about these offers here.

*** WeVideo Free Account ***

The free account offers you the following features, and you can sign up for it here:

  • 1 Gb of cloud storage
  • 480p maximum video resolution
  • 5 minutes Publish time per month
  • Advanced audio editing
  • Advanced text editing
  • Built-in graphics
  • Download to computer
  • Licenses music library
  • Single seat license
  • Video and audio recorder
  • WeVideo JumpStart™

*** WeVideo Flex Account ***

You make a one-time payment of $29.99 for the Flex account, and you receive the features stated below.  To subscribe for the Flex account, click here.

  • 2 GB of cloud storage
  • 20 minutes of publishing time
  • Expanded music library
  • No WeVideo branding
  • Premium editing features
  • Up to 720p (or 1080p as a paid option)
  • VIP video processing and support
  • Valid for one year

Now, let’s compare the Power, Unlimited, Professional, and Business plans:

If you love to create videos for fun, family, recreation, or you just love creating memories with videos, then the Power plan would be suitable for your needs.  The Unlimited plan is ideal for people who have a love and passion for making videos, whether for personal or business purposes.  If you own or operate a video making or editing business, or you are a marketer, check out the Professional plan.  The Business plan is designed for marketing teams and small businesses and exhibits all the features of WeVideo.

Pick from these variety of plans and begin to create videos beyond your wildest imagination with ease and delight.

Our Final Verdict

WeVideo has a wide variety of features suitable for the video hobbyist to the business enterprise.  It is simple and easy for everyone to use, regardless of your technical skills and experience.  It works across major platforms such as Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, and Web-based.  You can access, edit, create and work on your videos as you please from any of these devices and from anywhere in the world. With its variety of features and option plans, you are sure to find one suited to your budget and needs.

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