XLeads360 Review

XLeads360 Review

For the majority of small & local businesses, identifying their targeted customers is totally not a simple task. Not to mention that they’ve no idea how to keep track with their potential customers later on. Therefore, within my XLeads360 Review, I am going to introduce why I’ve faith in this promotional system.

XLeads360 Review – Overview

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What Is XLeads360?

XLeads360 is a cloud-based platform which allows you to look for potential leads depending on your chosen locations & keywords. To be more specific, every result will be paired with some essential details regarding web address, email address, phone number, social stats and so on.

After the prospects are located, you can instantly get in touch with them via a wide variety of email templates. By editing these templates to suit your purposes, you can turn them into your potential leads right away.

About Author

This part of my Xleads360 Review gives you a short summary of the vendor behind this product. Han Fan is considered as a well-qualified expert in the field of internet marketing. In fact, his previous inventions have helped a huge number of on-line entrepreneurs achieve huge successes in their niches.

Aidan Booth is also the main developer of multiple other products, some of which were even awarded “Product of the Day”. The most outstanding examples are the SociVideoXpress, ZooWarrior & Pixo Blaster.

What are the Features of XLeads360?

Overall, here is a list of what XLeads360 has to offer:

• XLeads360 is a web-based software which doesn’t need to be installed
• Look for local businesses through FB platform
• Conduct your research via multiple different parameters such as location, niche keyword, Facebook likes, and FB search results
• Organize the order of your results, for instance, from the lowest likes to the highest likes
• Generate, handle & cross out previous campaigns by choosing the leads that you want
• Export leads
• Keep track of your brand reputation through ratings, photos & reviews
• Obtain information from the Google Places Reviews from prospects
• See Google Reviews’ ratings
• Get in touch with prospect & negotiate the deals via emails
• Edit the text using the built-in WYSIWYG
• Generate a chart on your dashboard, with information taken from the open emails & sent emails

How Does It Work?

In general, there are three steps that you need to go through in order to activate Xleads360 in your business.

• Step 1: Insert your chosen location or keyword & click “Search”. It’ll immediately show hundreds of small-scale businesses with detailed information, including video stats, SE0 reports & social stats.
• Step 2: Get in touch with the clients that you’ve found by using one of the provided email templates. There is a total of 30 secret messages & email swipes which are fully customizable for your business.
• Step 3: Start delivering the service.

Xleads360 Funnels


Step 1: Find Leads:

– SaaS based web application no need to install tool
– Search local businesses using FB
– Search using following parameters
– Niche keyword
– Location Name
– Search results from Facebook
– Number of FB likes
– Picture thumbnail
– Address
– Phone number (if available)
– Email address (if available)
– Sort results (lowest number of likes to highest number of likes)
– Website URL (if available)
– Ability to Create/Manage/Delete Campaigns by selecting the prospects you want
– Export Leads

Step 2: Find Problem (Detail Analysis):

– Display Web-site Thumbnail
– Display SEO Details (Pagespeed, Errors, What to improve)
– Display Social Data ( Facebook Likes, StumbleUpon, Google PlusOne, LinkedIn)
– Display Estimated Web-site Worth (How much it would cost to sell the web-site)
– Display Usability (If it has Favicon, Custom 404 Page)
– Display Alexa Traffic Rank
– Display Internal and External Links
– Display Broken Links
– Check SEO For Images

Step 3: Check Reputation (Reviews, Ratings, Photos):

– Get access to the prospect’s Google Places Reviews
– See the ratings of the Google Reviews

Step 4: Contact Prospect and Close Deal By Sending Email

– Easy Text Editor WYSIWYG
– Display a chart on the Dashboard with Sent E-mail vs Open E-mails
– E-mail will be sent via Gmail or other safe SMTP

OTO1: [Advanced Pro Features]

Step 1: Find Leads:

– Display Up to 500 Results For Each Search Query
– Ability to Search for Location and A Radius Distance Around That Location
– Sort results (lowest number of likes to highest number of likes)

Step 2: Find Problem (Detail Analysis):

– Generate and Download Custom PDF Report
– Competitive Analysis between customer website & other website from competition
– Page Insights, Page Size, Safe Browsing, Page Load Time, Display Language
– Display Mobile View (If it’s mobile friendly or not)
– Additional in-depth market analysis tools & Reports.

Step 3: Check Reputation (Reviews, Ratings, Photos):

– Select only reviews that have five star rating
– See photos from the prospect’s Google My Business Page

Step 4: Contact Prospect and Close Deal – By Sending Email & Facebook Message

– Possibility to choose niche based E-mail Swipes When Sending Email (Social Media, Website Creation, SEO Optimization, Logo Creation, Video Creation)
– Tracking pixel to track open rates
– 2 FB Swipe Messages For 10 Different Niches (Social Media, Website Creation, SEO Optimization, Logo Creation, Video Creation)

OTO2: [Advance Video Training + Local Marketing Method + Case Study + Extra Software]

– End user will get Advanced Local Marketing Video Training (4) Modules
– End user will get an easy to follow Local Marketing Blueprint
– End user will get our exclusive Case Study
– End user will get an Extra tool that can find Targeted Musicians & Bands

OTO3: [Local Marketing Agency Super Bundle Pack:]

– End user will get a Custom Made Local Marketing Agency Website
– End user will get a Custom Logo Design for the new Agency Website
– End user will get six Marketing Agency Banners
– Additional Marketing Research & Analysis and Report Features.
– Already Made Marketing Video to Marketing Your Agency.

OTO4: [Reseller Agency License]

– End user will get a Reseller Agency License

Who Should Buy It?

If you ask me, I strongly suggest this cloud-based tool to all the affiliate marketers out there. If you’re looking forward to possessing a tool that helps put your marketing campaigns under control, then XLeads360 is the ultimate option. Besides keeping contact with your potential leads, this tool also enables you to conduct detailed SE0 reports.

In addition, XLeads360 is a perfect starting point for newbies in the field of online marketing. Although you may haven’t known how to run a business before, this application can lead you through the whole process of building your own on-line empire.

Pros and Cons


• Easy-to-customize dashboard
• Friendly to newbies & affordable price
• Supportive member area


• It would be better if the installation time is shortened.

Personal Experience From my point of view, XLeads360 deserves my investment because it can be applicable to multiple niches. It’s fair to say that this feature-packed application is suited to many niche markets. Besides, you can also keep track of your customers’ information very easily using the built-in widgets of XLeads360.

Furthermore, XLeads360 should be appreciated because it contains many different selling tools in only one interface. Hence, I do not have to switch among different tasks in order to deal with your tasks.

Once again, Han Fan has come up with a great piece of tool. We know our lifeblood is traffic and leads & Xleads will get you that and more. Once the traffic starts coming in, the next most important factor is tracking it to see where it’s coming from, and how to optimize your targeting. Xleads does all that for you. The training is simple to follow. Setting up campaigns and organization is very important but with this tool, it does most of the work for you. You’re able to get all the information that is pertinent so you do not waste time on leads that aren’t optimal. Another attribute is the ability to generate an SEO report on the possible client’s website which will give you selling points to convince the client they could use your services, a great foot in the door.
Morris Murph

I never liked dealing too much with local businesses/off-line work ’cause I hate cold calling or even going door to door. HOWEVER, this new product makes it SO easy to follow the training laid out, that you will enjoy making massive ‘RECURRING’ Income via this route again. I’m seriously thinking to take on some local clients from untapped niches, as with THIS they WILL convert. You should definitely try Xleads 360 today.
Cham Altatis
I never liked dealing too much with local businesses/offline work ’cause I hate cold calling or even going door to door. HOWEVER, this new product makes it SO easy to follow the training laid out, that you will enjoy making massive ‘RECURRING’ Income via this route again. I’m seriously thinking to take on some local clients from untapped niches, as with THIS they’ll convert. You should definitely try Xleads 360 today.
Cham Altatis

Just when I thought I’d seen some of the best lead generation softwares out there, along comes Xleads360. It’s not just the ability to locate quality leads wherever you select to compete, it allows you to compare the generated sites to your competition. You can then create campaigns & create reports and obtain reviews and generate SEO reports as well as track & analyze. The extensive marketing tools & training will put you ahead of the competition & the ability to give your customers exactly they need as well. This blows everything else out of the water. The ability to analyze your prospects website and compare it to your competitors, gives you the ability to stand out from the rest. This software was completely thought through from beginning to end and place you where every internet marketer wants to be… At The Top. If your are looking for a lead generation software to put you years ahead of the competition then look no further. I have used and reviewed a lot of software that has progressively gotten better but I know without a second thought, Xlead360 is the pinnacle of a complete software that meets its true intent! This software is awesome!
John Rambo
Hey Guys (and Gals), I wanted to drop you all a quick note to say thanks allowing me an early peek at XLeads360 before the launch. To say I was blown away is an understatement (and why I asked to buy early)! I’ve been looking for something like this to use in my own local business for some time now and this is perfect, not to mention “all inclusive…” Pulling business leads from Facebook, then contacting them directly from right inside the dashboard is more than a local marketer could hope for and a real game changer. Great opportunity! Of course I’ll be here waiting to buy when the doors open – being able to gain access to all the great tools in the upsell is, well… awesome and PRICELESS! Best of launch – it should certainly be a good one for anyone wanting to tap Facebook for direct access to businesses.



“It’s A Great Deal. Should I Invest Today?”

Not only are you getting access to XLeads360 for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. XLeads360 include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose XLeads360, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund – no question asked. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for ? Try It today and get The Following Bonus Now !

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