Zenbot Review: High-Frequency Trading Robot

Have you heard about Zenbot? You may be familiar with cryptocurrency trading robots.

Zenbot is one of the booming bots in the market.

So, let me explain the features of this bot, including its advantages and disadvantages.

Let us get started.

What is Zenbot?

Zenbot is a natural language online processing service, a chatbot host. This tool is handy if you want to create an interface that is language user-driven. Zenbot offers a multiplicity of currency support. In fact, this is capable of trading bitcoin in a high-frequency using its extensive market analysis. It supports any crypto programs like Quadriga, Gemini, Kraken, GDAX, Poloniex, and Bittrex that makes it less time consuming to deal with multiple cryptocurrencies. Zenbot’s algorithm also runs on MongoDb or Nodejs.

What are the Features of Zenbot?

I like the fact that Zenbot offers plenty of features. These features are the following:

  • Language Engine:Zenbot’s language is well versed. It has excellent grammar, semantics, and context. It is a compelling and flexible linguistic programming engine that builds a useful conversational robot.
  • No needed server:You don’t have to have a server or database for Zenbot to host and to interact with other robots.
  • All in One Framework:The role of Zenbot is not limited to becoming an intent resolver nor graphical builder; it can develop a more complex task.
  • JavaScript support:Zenbot supports the programming language that allows users to type the correct codes and even to implement complex logic.
  • Analytics:This tool can store the usage of the bot or the statistics in a tool such as Mixpanel, Google Analytics, etc.
  • Facebook App:Zenbot does not need to pass an FB Messenger review, which saves plenty of time.
  • Messenger Integration:Zenbot is integrated with a messenger app such as Skype, Slack, FB Messenger, etc. So, the user needs to provide a credential to the web console.
  • Flexible Sampling:This tool has an about one to trade in a day within an hour and about 15-50 trades in a day within a 5 minute time. It is the average trading of Zenbot.
  • Buttons Availability:The wonderful thing about Zenbot is that the buttons that help you build a friendly interface in messengers are available. Through Zenbot, you can process the text and the switch in just a click that maintains the functionality of the messengers with integrity.
  • Numerous Language:It is good to note that Zenbot can support various languages because of the very flexible patterns of syntax.
  • Rest API:The user can connect any websites or applications in the bot because of the application interface. You can even make a virtual assistant like Siri through this.

What are the Advantages of Zenbot?

Check on the information below to know the advantages of Zenbot:

  • You don’t have to implement a communication between a user and the machine. Zenbot proceeds to the request and manages the conversation. It then performs actions and evaluates the scripts. It collects, stores variables, and generates output. Hence, the consumer system sends a request through a text, and you will receive the complete response.
  • Zenbot does not give any net interface for building any dialogue structure. Usually, the net interface is more confusing rather than helpful. Zenbot is very straightforward, and its XML file is easy to manage.
  • In Zenbot, you can have more than nine cryptocurrency platform.
    Instead of a machine learning or magic pattern, Zenbot relies on pattern matching. It is a mechanism that provides informatics flexibility with dialog system full management and easy to use entity extraction. Users can modify the code through its open-source nature or from GitHub, which you can easily download.

What is the Disadvantage of Zenbot?

The following are the disadvantage of Zenbot:

  • Zenbot is known to have a low-frequency update that puts this tool behind its competitors when it comes to new information in the market.
  • The integrity of Zenbot is compromised because of the unreliability of paper and live trading.
  • The user who is not familiar with the Zenbot interface may find some difficulties since Zenbot has a command-line based interface.

How to Start with Zenbot?

Zenbot is easy to follow and easy to make. Take the following steps:

  • Create your bot script. It is a list of all the tasks that have been written using a programming language, and the bot needs to perform. You can create the bot script in the text editor.
  • To perform, make sure that the instructions are clear.
    Integrate the Zenbot in other applications through the REST API.
  • Applications can range from the button to the checkboxes and overloaded to the actual conversation bot.

What is the Scope of Money Making through Zenbot?

In the past months, Zenbot has been the center of skepticism and scrutiny. It resulted from the discrepancies from its live trade and paper trade. The users complain because, in the paper trade, it indicated a profit while in the live trade, it is losses. Due to this situation, the users question the integrity of Zenbot. They even voiced out their displeasure from this glitch.

Even the updates of the development made the situation worse. For example, in the Zenbot 3.5.15, that says it is capable of delivering 1.531 return of investment in just three months. It means that this is a very powerful trading solution. On the other hand, profits do not follow proportionately.

Another thing is the unfriendly condition of the market in the order execution. Users of this bot for a long time advise that investors should take advantage of the volatility of the cryptocurrency market for their benefit, so disregard the price of Bitcoin. They suggest working on gaining more so that when costs increase, they can sell larger quantities to get a higher profit.

Yes, there are cases that cryptocurrency robots make more money rather than Zenbot. But you got to think about it, Zenbot version this time was outdated that puts it in the wrong place.

Is Zenbot worth your resources?

Yes, Zenbot is one of the great options for experienced investors. Although this bot shows that you may incur losses, it can also make you profit. It is known as a high-frequency trading robot, and it supports plenty of cryptos. Zenbot is free if used non-commercially, and there is no rate limit. You can also download the required code from the website of GitHub. Why not try this tool? The results may surprise you.

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